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As a professional and qualified Lanarkshire painting and decorating firm Kirkdec know that a quality paint job requires far more detail than just applying a coat of paint. Preparation, too often overlooked, is the key to a good job, and proper planning is essential for a successful interior painting finish. 

Manufacturers now produce a ‘new generation’ of acrylic paints which are as durable as oil based ones, but result in a quick drying paint, which also has the benefit of being far kinder to the environment. A particular benefit of acrylic paints over their oil based cousins is the reduced odour, which can be a real concern around pets or young children, and we apply at least two coats of paint to all surfaces to ensure a proper, even finish.

Once you’ve chosen the colour, you’ll need to select a finish, but we can happily advise you on this if you are uncertain. 
Generally, ceilings are painted with a matt finish, while bathrooms, kitchen, and utility rooms are painted with either satin or silk finishes - these are more durable, scuff resistant and easy to clean, so therefore ideal for functional or heavily used areas. Walls in the rest of the home or office can be painted in other finishes, depending on your individual tastes and requirements. For example, some popular finishes for wood in particular are satin wood, gloss, and eggshell. Bare or new wood must always be primed before the undercoat is applied, then finished with a coat of finish, whereas previously painted wood requires one coat of undercoat and one coat of selected finish. 

As far as other options go, oils, varnishes, and wood stains are other finishes that are also available for interior wood, which can enhance the natural beauty and character and produce some striking results. Again, with our years of experience offering decorating services in Lanarkshire, we are more than happy to advise you and talk through the various options available.

Our Interior Painting Services

  • Cover all carpets, floors, and furniture with clean dust sheets as necessary.
  • Ames taping new plasterboard ceilings and walls. Ames taping is the process of applying tape and cement to the joints in plasterboard ceilings and walls, producing a smooth surface ready to be decorated.
  • Apply a skim coat of plaster to walls if they are in a bad condition and not good enough to be painted.
  •  Remove flaking paint, dirt and debris from ceilings, walls, architraves, skirting boards, doors, etc.
  • Remove nails and picture hooks from walls and repairing holes and filling cracks.
  • Sanding rough areas on ceilings and walls – all paintwork is sanded to create a key for paint.
  • Priming/Stain block where needed to stop any stains caused by water     damage or nicotine. These stains can’t be covered with standard interior emulsions.
  • Apply at least two coats of interior emulsion to walls and ceilings.
  • Apply selected system and finish to all woodwork
  • Full cleanup after every working day
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