Wallpaper and Wall Coverings

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Wallpapering and wall coverings

Wallpapering Services in Lanarkshire & Glasgow

Kirkdec, has many years of wallpaper hanging experience, and we’ve dealt with some of the finest, funkiest, and trickiest wallpapers around, so you can be assured that we’ll do the job properly, first time! Preparation of the walls is very important, even though they will be covered and this is often something which many people don’t consider – after all, wallpaper will not hide surface imperfections.

It would appear that the wallpaper revival is well and truly upon us, with more and more clients now opting for wallpaper over paint, especially when it comes to bold statements such as feature walls. This is largely due to the current flair and originality offered by many modern papers, together with a range of vibrant and colourful designs inspired by a wealth of sources from around the world, pop culture, or times past. The choices today are greater than they have ever been, and there is a breathtaking range of wallpapers to suit most tastes and budgets; the designs, patterns and motifs are almost endless and the only real limitations are your imagination. Our professional Lanarkshire decorating firm offers a full and comprehensive decorating service and, as such, are happy to work with more complex coverings, such as larger grass weaves, silks, hessians, and commercial vinyls.
Wallpaper can add an air of elegance and luxury to a home and enable you to reproduce a retro look, make a bold statement with a striking feature wall or room, or simply infuse your surroundings with some real character. From standard papers to top end, custom wall-coverings, our experienced team ofLanarkshire decorators have handled it all. Every customer is unique, with different tastes and requirements; some favour traditional wallpapers, made using old techniques, while others prefer modern or even custom, individual wallpapers. Regardless of your choices, wallpaper is the ideal way to create the perfect environment to suit your home or business – the hardest part will be choosing which patterns and colours to go for! Fortunately, we can help there, so feel free to ask us about our recommended wallpaper suppliers to suit the sort of look and feel that you have in mind.

Once you have made your decision, rest assured that your papering will be undertaken with the utmost care as our dedicated team set to work, bringing your project to life. Kirkdec is a Glasgow decorating firm which prides itself on our friendly, professional, and talented service, and we aim to bring satisfaction with every job. Our reasonable and competitive quotation will include the number of rolls that will be required to complete your job.

Points to consider beforehand

Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper does not hide a multitude of sins and will not cover defects and imperfections on walls or surfaces. Walls should always be fully prepared first and older walls which may be porous or stained, or which have other problems will need primed/sealed before hand or cross-lined with lining paper. If walls aren’t completely flat, then the wallpaper will not hang flat and appear smooth. If you have problem walls, then consider arranging with us to apply a skim coat of plaster to even them out beforehand.

We hang wallpaper or wall coverings to exactly suit the manufacturer’s instructions, because papers vary in weight, texture, and material and we want to ensure the best results for our clients. This includes using recommended adhesives, soaking times, and hanging instructions. As most professional Lanarkshire painting and decorating firms should do, we are always sure to read the instructions thoroughly before even cutting the paper, let alone hanging it. Once the paper is hung, please refrain from touching the paper (or allowing it to be touched) while it is drying as this can cause damage. As such, we recommend keeping small children and pets out of the area. When allowed to dry naturally, as it should be, any air bubbles and visible joints will vanish - just be sure to keep windows closed and radiators off until it is totally dry. If you are unsure about drying times then please ask us.
Always order more than enough paper to complete the job – it is far better to be safe than sorry. You also need to make sure that all rolls come from the same batch to avoid any minor differences in the colour of the paper.

Delivery time
If you have ordered your paper or arranged a custom design, then be aware of the time frames for completion and delivery. Depending on your supplier, it could take anything up to six weeks, again, depending on their timescales.. Once it arrives, be sure to check that every roll has the same batch number. Kirkdec also recommends checking for minor differences, defects, and any damage, however slight before you open the roll. Another good tip is to check the end of the rolls for any damage and if you are not happy, then return them to the supplier.

Future repairs
Always order at least one extra roll. In our experience as it is a very good idea to keep one roll spare in case of accidents, problems, or imperfections, that way, you have a roll from the same batch with the same shade to replace any damaged or problem lengths.
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